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Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Types of techniques 

When we look at why breast augmentation in Turkey, methods vary, we can conclude that different techniques are in use according to different body types and expectations. The anatomical structure of each individual, body structure, skin type, chest structure, etc. is unique for every patient. With the breast augmentation method; 

  • Restoration after a mastectomy.
  • Lifting sagging breasts due to weight change or breastfeeding. 
  • Enlarging breasts for aesthetic reasons.
  • To provide an even look to asymmetrical breasts.

   It may be necessary to apply a different type of treatment technique for each condition. While choosing the treatment technique, your surgeon also considers the anatomical structure of the person.

Breast augmentation in Turkey- Methods

Methods are divided into two surgical and non-surgical methods. In plastic surgery today are silicone prostheses or breast augmentation with fat transfer are the most frequently applied surgical methods. In non-surgical methods, external fillings, breast enlargement procedures with different substances, and breast augmentation with externally applied devices can be counted. 

   Particularly, filling methods are not one of the highly recommended methods because of the sensitive structure of the breast, and it is not considered safe to inject a substance into the breast.

   Your surgeon can perform breast augmentation with a fat injection can in the case of breast asymmetry, to plump the breast, it can also be done to reduce the visibility of the silicone. And to obtain a more natural appearance in skinny patients who have undergone breast augmentation with silicone. Lastly, in cases with breast shape problems such as tuberous breasts.

   There are various factors to pay attention to, to determine your suitability for breast augmentation with fat injection; Firstly, there must be a certain amount of breast tissue, sufficient reserve of fat in the body and no sagginess to be present, and within the limitations of the fat transferred, there should not be a desire for a very large breast.

Studies show that women who have breast augmentation surgery in Turkey have found that the majority of women are more confident and happy. After their postoperative appearance. Prosthesis provides a long-lasting effect. Although silicone prostheses are not designed to last forever, it takes at least ten years before many women decide to replace or remove their implants. On top of that, the surgical procedure is tailored to your needs. Breast augmentation is not a one-dimensional procedure. Since it varies for everyone, it is shaped according to your needs and processed accordingly. 

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